The 9th Circuit court rejected the request of bossa nova singer, songwriter and composer, Joao Gilberto, to curtail the distribution of the biography written about him “Joao Gilberto.” According to the prosecution the books presents offensive content that will service to tarnish his image and includes unauthorized personal pictures.

Joao Gilberto

Joao Gilberto

According to the defendant

the book was created in order to unify all that has been written publicly about an important artist, and presents a selection of interviews and gather testimonials from people, musicians, partners, journalists and others.

The Magistrate Stamillo Zualiani Santerelli had this to say:

“the biography is a work of information and, as such, should be admitted, even without the consent of the biography.”

Joao Gilberto is widely regarded as one of if not the most central figure in the birth of bossa nova music and for this reason enjoys celebrity status both within Brazil and outside its borders.  He is also known for being an eccentric recluse who shys away from public life and is to this day regarded as one of the most enigmatic figures of Brazilian music.