Dexter Gordon –  A bebop innovator that also dabbled with bossa nova


To bebop fans, the name Dexter Gordon, should be a familiar one. He was one of the first musicians to play the tenor saxophone in the bebop style and enjoyed a career that lasted many decades until his death from kidney failure at age 67.

Dexter Gordon+bossa nova

Dexter Gordon

He was not limited to bebop and he also dabbled with bossa nova on a few occasions. Most famously, he featured, “Bossa Blues,” on his 1976 album, “Biting the Apple.” The song was composed by Kenny Dorham and may have been influenced by his visit to Rio de janiero.

Biting the Apple - Dexter Gordon

Biting the Apple – Dexter Gordon

The song serves as a rare example of a merger between bossa nova and bebop and for this reason it has a special place in the world of bossa nova and jazz


Another bossa nova treasure from Gorden comes in his interpretation of wave.

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