Album of the Week: Dim the Lights – Fabiana Passoni

Fabiana “Dims the Lights” with latest release

Fabiana Passoni cultivated her musical talents in her homeland of Brazil before moving to Los Angeles in adulthood. As a result, she was able to incorporate elements of North and South American culture into her life and her music. Her latest EP “Dim the lights” is an expression of this.

Dim the Lights

Dim the Lights

The North American influence is obvious from a quick glance at the track listing, which includes the titles of North American soul, disco and pop songs from the 70’s. The South American influence comes in the form of the modern bossa nova arrangement that replace the original ones.  In between these two poles of influence is Passoni’s touch, which is definitively hers.

“Dim the lights” is an appropriate title for the EP as Passoni  decidedly tones down the original hits with a soothing voice and measured singing style. She displays this soft touch to each of the 7 songs featured on the EP. For her version of Olivia Netwon John’s soft rock hit “Magic” the bold vocal performance of the original complete with snapping snares is replaced with a simmered performance which is assured but always controlled.  Her version is smoother and the sweeping strings in the background enhance the effect.

Another highlight comes in the form of her version of Michael Jackson’s disco song “Rock with You.”  Rather than imitate Jackson, Fabiana’s unique prosody gives the song a life of its own.  Her album closer is a rendition of The Carpenters’ song, “Close to You.” The original was simple and sweet and this is a precedent that Passoni effortlessly matches to provide a satisfying end to the EP.

From start to finish, “Dim the Lights” is a pleasurable walk down memory lane.  Fabiana manages to maintain a very good level of consistency throughout the entire stretch and this is chiefly due to her self-belief. Though some of the most revered artists of the past are covered on this EP, it is not theirs, but her voice that will be remembered when the lights are turned off.

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Released : January 15th 2013

Label: Wilbur Music

1. Lovin’ You

2. Magic

3. You’ll Never Find

4. Lovely Day

5. Rock With You

6. Ain’t Nobody

7. Close to You


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