Chico Buarque is not only a well-established musician but also an individual that has excelled in the literary and dramatic arenas as well. It only seems fitting then, that his life should be the focus of a film. “Chico – Artista Brasileiro,”which translate to “Chico – Brazilian Artist,” is a documentary based on the life and career of the Brazilian great.

The film will utilize interview from Buarque along with collaborators and close friends. Significant songs from his large catalogue will be highlighted and discussed through out the documentary.


Documentary on Chico Buarque to premier at Rio Festival / Source:

Directed by Miguel Faria Jr, the same man responsible for the hugely successful documentary on Vinicius de Moraes, the documentary will premier at the Rio Film Festival 2015. It will open the showpiece which runs from October 1st to 14th, with the theatrical release scheduled for November 26.


Chico Buarque (to right) and Miguel Faria Jr (in the centre) / Source:

The announcements of this film came less than a month after the news that a film adaptation of a book written by Buarque would hit theaters though a release date has not been announced yet. This is not first but the third film adaptation of a book by the esteemed writer. Coincidentally, Miguel Faria Jr passed up the opportunity to direct this project, as he felt it may have been too large-scale for his liking at the time.


Spilt Milk by Chico Buarque / Source: Amazon

The film will be based on his book “Leite Derramado ” (Spilt Milk). A short synopsis of the story from Wikipedia reads:

A very old man is in a hospital bed. A member of a traditional Brazilian family, he presents the history of his family in a monologue addressed to his daughter, the nurses, and anyone else who will listen. He follows his family’s path from his Portuguese ancestors, including a baron of the Empire, and a First Republic’s Senator, down to his grandson, a youth from Rio de Janeiro. His family saga is characterized by social and economic decadence against the background of Brazilian history over the last two centuries.

These latest developments serve as further evidence of the lasting cultural effect Chico Buarque has had on Brazil for the past few decades and continues to have till present day.

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