With the movie award season now in full session, we remember the life of one of the most successful American singers and actresses of her generation and an unassuming bossa nova songstress, Dorris Day.

Doris DAy

Dorris Day

Dominating both the worlds of movies and music she currently stands as the 6th top box office performers of all time and has sold millions of musical records.

Latin for lovers+dorrisday

Latin for Lovers (1965) – Dorris Day

Notably, her 1965 album, “Latin for lovers,” featured a number of bossa nova classics from Antonio Carlos Jobim’s catalogue such as “Corcovado” (quiet nights), “Desafinado” (Slightly out of tune) and “Meditation.”

Interestingly, bossa nova music was also featured in the background to a scene in her movie, “The Glass Bottom Boat.” The song was likely composed and arranged by American musician Frank De Vol.

Her career would see her record 29 albums, many of which produced songs that performed well on the billboard charts. She was rewarded with a Grammy lifetime achievement award for her decades of successful work.