Tangerines and Elephants are a band based in Curitiba, Brazil that specialize in a unique brand of alternative rock. Earlier this year we featured their track, “Bunch of Grapes” which blended an English rock sound with bossa nova elements. The song was popular with readers and when we heard they were going to be performing the song live in Brazil (along with others) we felt it an ideal opportunity to sit down with them and ask about the band and its ties with bossa nova.Tangerines & Elephants

Below is a video of them performing, “Bunch of Grapes” at the Festival Casarao.

Bnovamusic: Before anyone even listens to your music your name stands out. Could you explain the origin of the name “Tangerines and Elephants” and the band in general?

Tangerines and Elephants: The band first started with me and Jean, we were classmates! On the first day we knew we had something in common (and that was) music. I’m more (into) psychedelic alternative rock style and he is more the classical rocker, like metallica, dream theater etc. We started rehearsing together 2 years ago and our jams sounded very nice to us! Still do (laugh). Three months ago Igor Romko (started to perform with us) on bass and vocals. Tangerine is a citric fruit (but at the same time) also sweet. Elephant is a huge mammal, heavy! Our songs kind of (have) this bipolar formula, desiring to be dynamic!BN: It was your song bunch of grapes that caught our attention initially. It mixes bossa nova and English rock like we had never before. What influenced that song and the musical direction. Are you influence by any Brazilian musicians?

T&E: It was influenced by a smooth sensation and the idea of being dynamic and traveling into other vibes! I believe the first chords turned our attention to the 50’s in Rio de Janeiro. Although it wasn’t our initial intention, we were very content to have the song associated with such a good genre (bossa nova).

BN: If you are influenced by any Brazilian musicians who is your personal favorite?

T&E: We are from a generation that somehow triumphed in musical tastes! During the 90’s the media started spreading litter! The internet allowed us to be free to listen to whatever we identified the most! So speaking of national talents: (they gave their individual influences):

Argos: Joao Gilberto, Lulu Santos, Los Hermanos, Seu Jorge.

Jean: Raimundos e Legiao Urbana

Igor: Raimundos, Tim Maia, Jorge Ben Jor

BN: Finally, what does the future have in store for the band?

T&E: That’s a question that will always follow us and every band! But what we have in mind is (to) play our music and always improve! And of course, reach the opportunity to perform in great festivals!