Flamenco has emerged to become a popular form of music being taught in many countries around the world after its recording birth in the late eighteenth century.  This style of Spanish folk music and dance  attributed its birth in the southern part of Spain to the mixing of Andalusian and Romani forms and quite a number of Flamenco artists happen to be of Romani origin.  After undergoing dramatic developments in the nineteenth century the music genre culminates universally of three sub-forms namely cante (singing) baile (dancing) and toque (guitar).

Toque flamenco is widely accepted and loved for the versatility it possesses in its ‘touches’. Some of which includes toque airoso identified by a lively and rhythmic sound and toque pastueño known for being slow and quiet. Love for the music revolves around the entrapment of the listeners that the guitarist is able to facilitate in his fingerstlye runs known as picados. One such prominent guitarist no doubt who had sensational picados promoting flamenco to a global audience is the now legendary Paco De Lucia who unfortunately passed away by a heart attack in Mexico at the age of 66 on February 24, 2014.


A renowned flamenco guitarist, composer, producer and one of the leading proponents of the new flamenco style Pacia has been labelled one of history’s greatest guitarists giving credibility to his Titanic title. Highly innovative and creative his performances and recordings included blends from other music genres including pop, jazz and classical music which complemented the evolution of the ‘New Flamenco’. Having a lengthy successful career in recording numerous albums Pacia is credited and highly favored with modernizing the Spanish gypsy tradition with jazz and bossa nova influences and n 2004 was awarded the Spain’s prestigious Asturias Prize for Art as the “most universal of flamenco artists”. Breathtaking and mesmerizing are just a couple of words to describe the fast and fluent picados Pacia employs. A maestro in his own class Pacia’s contribution to Spanish music and culture and to the greater music industry is highly valuable. Below is a link to one of Pacia’s popular recordings titled ‘Entre dos Aguas’. Flamenco will miss its titan dearly.