Combining bossa nova and rock seems to a be a new trend that is emerging.Only a few weeks after a bossa nova remix of Metallica’s ,”Enter the Sandman,” became a viral hit, another group has decided to mix the two genres. Rather than do a bossa nova version of a popular rock song, the Brazilian based rock group,”Ovelha Negra,” did a rock version of a bossa nova song. Unsurprisingly, they decided to re-do, the most popular bossa nova song of all, “Girl from Ipanema.

Ovelha Negra +girl from Ipanema

Lead Guitarist Luiz Amadeus

The calming song is transformed into a rock ballad with acoustic guitars traded in for the electric variety and drums that are notably harsher. The guitarists also sing the actual lyrics of the song and provide a smoothness reminiscent of the original. The rousing guitar solos are a welcome addition and their lively rendition of the bridge is a highlight.