Goyte’s Somebody that I used to Know – Inspired by Luiz Bonfa

The Grammy awards have now all been given out and Belgian musician Goyte walked away with Record of the year for his super hit, “Somebody that I used to know.” This would have not come as a surprise to many as his song enjoyed remarkable critical and commercial success last year and was always a favorite. What may come as a surprise though, is the fact that his initial inspiration for the song came from Luiz Bonfa’s 1967 song “Seville” from his albums “Luiz Bonfa plays beautiful music.”


Goyte in the music video for somebody that I used to know

One quick listen to the Bonfa song and one can see why Goyte would be captivated by the song.

Luiz Bonfa-bossa-nova-somebody-that-I-used-to-know

Luiz Bonfa

The melody in the intro is utilized in the chorus of the song and other aspects of the song provide the foundation for “Somebody that I used to know.” Apparently he came across it in a thrift shop in Australia. What a bargain.



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