Haim is a band that is made up of 3 sisters. They specialize in music that combines indie rock with pop while burrowing some elements from 90’s R&B. The band has enjoyed a remarkable year, performing at the Glastonbury festival before being signed to Jay Z’s Roc Nation. Continuing their fine year they released their debut album entitled “Days are gone” which has enjoyed critical and commercial success.

Honey & I Bossa Nova Remix

Honey & I Bossa Nova Remix


Though not a single, Honey and I stands out as a catchy track with a homely  feel good melody. With a guitar riff reminiscent of the beach boys and dry vocals, the original seemed wavy and never too serious. The feel of the track aligns well with the smooth and care-free spirit of bossa nova. With all that in mind it seems nothing less than fitting that DJ Rich E Fresh, experienced in mixing bossa nova elements with popular modern pop songs, would add a bossa nova element to this track and make a remix.

The uncrowded atmosphere of the original allowed him to plant his ensemble of bossa nova percussion into the track. This not only works well with the other parts of the song but sounds like something that should have been an official remix on the deluxe version. Haim if you are reading this you may want to include this in any subsequent re-issues, I’m sure your fans will love it. I know we did.

DJ Rich e Fresh offers a download available here.

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Haim’s Official Website- http://haimtheband.com/

Original Version of Honey & I: