Ice El Hielo is a calm relaxed bossa tune about serious issues

To say that La Santa Cecilia’s music is eclectic is an understatement. The band based in Los Angeles, California is influenced by several different styles of music including, but not limited to: boleros, reggae, ranchera, mariachi, salsa, afro-cuban and bossa nova. As if that were not enough they add a highly expressive style of performance with a flamboyant way of colorful dress that makes them a rainbow of sounds and visuals.

Ice- El-Hielo-La-Santa-Cecilia

Ice El Hielo

“ICE El Hielo” their latest single is one that certainly channels their bossa nova influence more than any other. There is a mix of varied instruments with an acoustic guitar being  accompanied by minor and gentle electronic elements, occasional piano notes and a softly beaten drum pattern in the background. Though more bossa nova than latin, the latter influence is bought out by the vocal performance and lyrical content of the song.

On “Ice El Hielo” La Marisoul sings with a prosody that is close to her Latin roots which nicely adds to the effect of what the song is trying to convey. The beginning of the song features a soundbite that explains the title and theme of the song – ” Ice – Immigration & Customs Enforcement.” The lyrics portray the anxieties faced by many Latin immigrants in the united states, a matter that is of particular political interest at the moment.

The group portrays this through the story of three individuals who face difficulties because of their status as immigrants. One of these character is  a young female student having problems continuing her primary education. In that sense she is halted; frozen as if in ice. This is brought home by the cover photo that features a young girl only a few centimeters a way from a wall of Ice.

“Ice El Hielo” has a cool and calm tone that suits the title and utilizes bossa nova in way that is not often done. Artistically creative and politically significant, La Santa Cecilia manages to convey the problems facing the Latin community in away that anyone can digest. Rather than fight fire with fire they fight fire with Ice.

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