Porto Alegre based artist Marcio Celli has had a distinguished career , producing a number of albums , his latest being Da Minha Janela. Marcio was kind enough to take some time and answer our questions .


Marcio Celli

Marcio Celli


BN-When did you start singing? And then to perform professionally?
Márcio Celli:  I started singing when I was little at school celebrations, and this taste for music just began to sink in.  Professionally speaking, I started at the age of 19 singing in the city of Porto Alegre, in the southern state of Rio Grande do Sul.  


BN- How do you manage your time?
Márcio Celli:  I dedicate my time to my career.  Even though I have technical assistance, I’m an independent artist, and as such, I’m always on the front row when it comes the decisions. I co-produce events, help with the press releases, feed and manage my webpage and the rest of the social network, and so on and so forth.


BN- What is your connection with the Bossa Nova?
Márcio Celli:  Since I was a child, I listen the great masters of Bossa Nova: João Gilberto, Tom Jobim, and Vinícius de Moraes.  But my connection with Bossa Nova is simply  the connection I have with Brazilian Popular Music. Bossa Nova derives from Samba plus an influence from Jazz ( which I also love!), and other blends of rhythms only Brazilian Music possesses.


BN- What is the inspiration for your music? And, more specifically, for your  album ‘Da Minha Janela (From My Window)’?
Márcio Celli:  The album ‘Da Minha Janela (From My Window)’ a completely self-penned work, and it shows  exactly the kind of mixture I referred to in your previous question – Bossa Nova, Samba Jazz, Samba Bossa, not to mention an exploration of a more African-rooted   Ijexá.   Everything I listen to and I liked end up influencing my musical outcome. But I was to quote my strongest influences, I’d have to include João Gilberto, Rosa Passos, and Caetano Veloso. 


BN- Describe your feelings before a performance?
Márcio Celli:  It’s a mixture of anxiety and pleasure. It’s something totally crazy, to tell the truth.  It’s  a magic moment when the giving yourself to the stage and the respect for it have to be complete. When I’m not on stage, I’m a rather shy person, and I wouldn’t have the guts to perform in shows unless this magic that I can’t explain took place.  I can’t explain, and I think it’s better it remains without explanation – what would happen to a magic moment if one knew how to explain it…


BN- While this may be difficult, what is your favorite song among the ones that you wrote?
Márcio Celli:  It’s really tough to choose one of your ‘offsprings’… There are days, there are moments when you’re in love with – it just happens. Nowadays, I’m in love with  ‘Samba de novo (Samba Again)’.

BN- If not music, what would you be doing?
Márcio Celli: I couldn’t stay away from music. I’d working with production, promotion, direction, but always in something related to music somehow.  I’m also a radio jockey.


BNWhat’s Márcio got in store for the future ?
Márcio Celli : I want to promote my work, my new album ‘Da Minha Janela’, and I want get with my music as far I my imagination can reach. I want to perform in countries where people love Brazilian music, and present  my songs to a whole new world. 


Here is a playlist of songs from the album Da Minha Janela that you can purchase here :