Marcos Soter is a guitarist whose work over the years has enchanted his listeners.Not only a performer and artist but a teach and producer Marcos has worked with some of the greats such as  Toninho Horta and  Lula Galvão.  His style blends the sounds of Brazil with more traditional elements of jazz . Specializing in a number of genres the talented Marco kindly agreed to answer some of our questions.

Marcos Soter , photo by Daniel Raidan

Marcos Soter , photo by Daniel Raidan



BN: Tell us about your latest album Natural , your inspiration ?
MS: Hello friends , this latest work came from a special project that I carried out in 2012 along with several guest musicians friends , that in order for us to record something very interesting is the idea of ​​making this album emerged . I can say that the center of our inspiration for the project was Tom Jobim and Vinicius de Moraies , this inspiration that makes visible the amount of music that the authors interpret . Tb Work has copyright music besides jazz classics .

BN: How was working on this project and how do you compare it to your first album ?
MS: The proposal and the name of the Album is related to the fact that I worked with the specific timbre and performance as the title of the cd says ( NATURAL ) , I was pretty comfortable for the creation and arrangements for the songs and can play each and put my own musical language . Besides a huge responsibility of having to play the Bossa Nova classics , it was an honor to work on this project in particular , because it represents a milestone in my career as a music producer and guitarist.

BN: You describe yourself as a teacher, musician and a producer do all of these carry similar importance or do you give more to one aspect as compared to the others ?
MS: I think I ‘m more musician than teacher and music producer , I think is due to the fact that I started working as a professional musician at an early age , I was soon surrounded by responsibilities that music itself requires , then began his career as a music producer too.

BN: You list Luiz Bonfa as one of your influences, the anniversary of his death passed recently, what about him or his music struck a chord with you?
MS: Luiz Bonfa was and remains a great icon as a guitarist and as a composer for many Brazilian musicians and I fit in this circle too. I was very influenced by Luiz Bonfa and his musical style ,his performances etc. . I believe he’s one of the great icons of Brazilian music still  in the world , even with his death .


BN: Is there a specific genre you particularly enjoy playing and for whichever why?
MS: Yes , Brazilian music as a whole is very rich in varied styles , more love Bossa Nova and Samba , these two styles in particular , I’m a fan of artists such as singer Rosa Passos, the great Leny Andrade , singer Tania Maria . All these I mentioned are my musical icons and much admire the work that they perform as artists worldwide .


BN: How was working with the great Toninho Horta ?
MS: Toninho Horta is a genius , I had the honor of having him as a mentor in several music courses I attended across Brazil , especially in various courses offered by the School of Music of Brasilia DF , one of the best music schools Latin America, where I had the honor of meeting him in person for the first time and working with him , on occasion accomplish various acts together with him as a director and producer , I quote here a show in particular that performed at the National Theatre and Brasilia DF , where he mentored the first idea was to create an orchestra with only guitars , show that on this occasion we gathered 17 musicians and guitarists present at various locations in the city through the orchestra.

BN: What is your greatest desire as a musician ?
MS: My goal as a musician is perhaps one the concern of conveying the music not only as a language of symbols , numbers and letters , is able to convey to people the music as philosophy, I learned from my first master and mentor the late master Trough ( Sidiney Barros ) one of the greatest guitarists of Brazil and the world , this person who had the honor to have him as a friend and mentor early in my career as a musician . One of the phrases that he always wore was that music is life philosophy , music is not simply an art , the music is in us since our formation as embryos , the music accompanies and is around our day to day weather whole, both represented by the beating of the heart that tells us that we are alive , until by the purest sound of silence . Anyway, this is my desire and main goal as a musician , people can transmit music as philosophy.