Off the back of a great year for Sherie , which included the release of her album “10 Degrees South” the future looks bright for the Bay Area based songstress. She was kind enough to answer a few questions for us late last year .
I love dance but after an injury to my hamstring I needed to take a break. My dance training helped improve my timing when singing. I always sang while I was studying dance but I can truly say I am more connected to music as a singer. I come to music through the rhythm. I feel the time internally and singing and movement are intertwined.
I discovered Brazilian music as a child from listening to music with my Dad but my education really deepened at the California Jazz Conservatory while studying with Marcos Silva. I completely feel in love with Brazilian music and to this day I am exploring composers new and old. We are blessed by a wealth of artists and composers in the Bay Area and I met many of them at Brazilian Music Camp in Cazadero, CA. This is where I met Guinga, Chico Pinheiro, Harvey Weinapel, Celso Alberti and more. There are also many American singers here in the Bay Area like Sandy Cressman and Mashe Campagne who love Brazilian music as I do. They inspire me as much as the Brazilians. I adore singers like Luciana Souza, Luciana Alves and Rosa Passos.
The greatest influence on my career has been my husband Steven who believes in my ability to learn and supports me every step of the way. Without his love and strength through some difficult moments I would have stopped. Making an album takes enormous time, patience, creativity and effort and you need a lot of love to power you through. My husband is working on his second degree Black belt in Karate and he understands discipline and the power of practice. I also have some very close musician friends that have shared their time and expertise in my musical education. This never ends.It is a lifetime journey. I am new and there is much to do.
Music is very spiritual for me as I am sure it is for many musicians. I feel inspired by the music I sing and hope to convey joy to those who listen to my music. I love the beat and vibe of up tempo sambas and they make me very happy!
The project was hard work and pure joy all at once. The choice of songs in the album came from wanting to share music I was familiar with but arranged with gorgeous harmony and time feel. Marcos Silva did all the arrangements and I am forever grateful for his help on the album. He was in the studio with me for every take and re-take and it was an incredible learning experience. The name came from my close friends husband Guy Needham. He came up with the name while we were talking about the album over dinner. “10 Degrees South” is the latitude and longitude of Rio where Marcos Silva is from. It was an ‘aha’ moment where the name felt perfect. Guy is a creative director of Fuel Advertising Agency. I was lucky to have him give me this ‘name’ as a gift.
I am still getting new radio play so I am focusing on the enjoyment of meeting new fans and connecting with Bossa Nova and Brazilian Music lovers all over the world. The world is so small now what with Twitter and Facebook. It’s amazing to meet someone from halfway across the world who loves the music you love and meets you in that mystical place where for me music resides. I am starting to explore what is next. I just performed in two Cd Release concerts and am enjoying
a little rest!