As the media focuses on the current disaster that has befallen Italy  we hear at bnovamusic would like to shift the focus to bossa nova from some of the finest bossa and Jazz acts from Italia.

“Recardo Bossa Nova” was released in 2009 featuring Irio De Paula and Gianni Basso. The former was born in Rio de Janeiro and has established himself as one of, if not definitively the most prominent Italian bossa nova musician, amassing a loyal following and more than 50 studio albums. Basso is one of Europe’s finest jazz musicians and also enjoyed a long and fruitful career in Italy.

Recardo Bossa Nova - Irio De Paula, Gianni Basso, Riccardo Biseo

In addition to this, famed jazz composer, arranger and pianist Riccardo Biseo also lent a helping hand.

The  man himself had this to say about the record:

“The elegant way in which the sax and guitar intertwine makes this piece of work of the highest quality. Irio de Paula is a great maestro who alone manages to sustain rhythmically and harmonically every song and offers Gianni Basso the possibility of unleashing his nowadays well-known class. An excellent sound, clean, perfect timing and a capacity of improvisation with that which is being played makes him one of the greatest Italian realities.”

Below is the track from the album that bears the title: “Recardo”