Hollywood Star Charlie Sheen & Katheryn Winnick perform bossa nova classic for movie soundtrack


This has been an interesting week in the world of bossa nova. As we observed the birthday of the legendary pioneer and composer, Antonio Carlos Jobim, two of his classics were sung by big names in popular culture. First, Andrea Bocelli and Nelly Furtado teamed up for their version of, “Corcovado” and then we received a surprise when we were informed that actor Charlie Sheen and actress Katheryn Winnick recorded a version of Aguas de Marco for the soundtrack of their latest film, “A Glimpse Inside the Mind of Charles Swan III.”

katheryn winnick-charlie sheen

Charlie sheen & Katheryn Winnick

The song is an exchange between the two that almost seems as if it was extracted directly from a film. Sung in Portuguese both impress with surprisingly competent vocal ability and an irresistible chemistry.

Charlie Sheen & Katheryn Winnick

Charlie Sheen & Katheryn Winnick: Chemistry in front of the cameras and behind the mic