Listeners of Bebel’s music are intimate daters according to Glamour Magazine


Bossa nova star Bebel Gilberto has a voice that appeals to our sensual side. Feelings of love and calmness are often evoked when listening to her music. Apparently, listening to her music also indicates what kind of ‘dater’ you are.

This insight comes from the women’s magazine, “Glamour” in their article, “What Your Taste In Music Says About You On A Date.” According to the American based publication, Bebel Gilberto listeners are likely to, “flutter little kisses all over every inch of your date’s body,” as soon as they get the chance and are also likely to be a “foodie.” So if you end up dating someone who tells you that he/she is an avid Bebel Gilberto listener you know what to expect 😉 .

Bebel Gilberto-glamour magazine

Bebel Gilberto

Additionally, her music is sure to makes good background music for a romantic dinner.