Brazilian singer, Luciana da Souza, talks to the Wall Street Journal about her latest albums

Luciana da Souza sat down with Larry Blumenfeld of the Wall Street Journal in anticipation of her new albums “Duos III” and “The Book of Chet”. The interview covers a wide range of topics, she speaks about her life growing up in São Paulo as well as the feelings she tries to convey through her music. There is also a more in-depth look at her albums and the inspiration behind them.


Luciana da Souza

On her two albums:

“”Duos III” covers a wide range of Brazilian songs and extends Ms. Souza’s decade-long fascination with voice-and-guitar duets, this time with three players: Toninho Horta, Marco Pereira and Romero Lubambo. On “The Book of Chet,” she works with a trio—guitarist Larry Koonse, bassist David Piltch and drummer Jay Bellerose—and focuses on songs indelibly rendered by Baker. On tour, she’ll draw from both repertoires and bands. At the Broad Stage in Santa Monica on Sept. 1, Mr. Koonse will perform both songbooks with her, augmented in trio at some points. At Joe’s Pub in New York on Sept. 12, Mr. Lubambo will be her guitarist partner. As on the recordings, the weight of each performance will rest squarely on Ms. Souza’s voice.

“In both cases, I’m pushing myself into a corner,” she said. “I have serious restraints. This forces me to focus on meaning and feeling.” Ms. Souza took the long road to such an approach. While in Boston, at Berklee School of Music and then New England Conservatory, she grew enamored of unusual time signatures and wild leaps of intervals. “I still love my early recordings,” she said, “but they’re also a registry of where I was for a long time. I wanted to be a musician of the voice as opposed to just a singer, to walk the walk of a jazz player.””

Here is Luciana speaking more about her two projects:

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