Nat King Cole and Bebel Gilberto’s Brazilian Love Song

Today marks the 93rd year since the birth of American jazz singer Nat King Cole, who  died at the relatively  young age of 45. His soft baritone voice is unlike any heard before or after him and his countless songs throughout his short but very celebrated career have provided a large number of classics.

Nat King Cole+Bebel Gilberto+bossa nova

Nat King Cole & Bebel Gilberto

On this track we see a combination of two different generations, styles and genres of music.Fortunately, that is not the case.

The Nat King Cole vocal samples sound as timeless as ever and this fits perfectly with the musical backdrop which features melodic and percussive elements from both worlds and meshes them seamlessly.

Bebel Gilberto also manages to sound “at home” and serves as the perfect artist to merge the Brazilian and American sounds.

You can find this track from the album Re:Generations.