Nelson Motta: the influential songwriter and record producers turns 70 today.

Born on October 29, 1944 in Sao Paulo, Nelso Motta played a central role in popular Brazilian music in the 20th century. He worked with several prominent artists from the world of bossa nova and MPB such as Edu Lobo, Dori Caymmi and Gal Costa.


Nelson Motta

His contribution to bossa nova and other music forms was not limited to his role as songwriter and producer.  As a journalist for popular newspaper “O Globo” he was able to express his opinion on the the music that he was so closely acquainted with. He is reportedly responsible for writing more than 300 songs and still writes on cultural topics for O Globo.


A Young Nelson Motta

Caetano Veloso praised the influence of Motta Stating:

“Nelson, oh boy, so many years and you always (are) there. Always this good-hearted man. What talent! This is no little thing. That’s why we love you through the decades.” (translation)

The tributes are not limited to Veloso though s the entire nation seems to be celebrating the career and life of Motta. Television channel Canal Brasil is releasing a series highlighting Motta’s career through interviews with various musicians. The video of the teaser is below (in portugeese).

The man himself is releasing  a book entitled”As Sete Vidas de Nelson Motta” (translated to “The Seven Lives of Nelson Motta”) , where he combines stories published since the 1960s with current texts.  He States, “The idea was to transform my 50 years of journalism in a hybrid, bringing together material that was in a scrapbook that my mother had, with all my columns.”

Happy Birthday Nelson Motta.

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