1101, 2013

Audio: Tanto Tempo (Live session)

The title track from our album of the week,”Tanto Tempo” is performed in an exclusive Itunes live session. Enjoy. […]

1001, 2013

Girl from Ipanema – The rock Version

Combining bossa nova and rock seems to a be a new trend that is emerging.Only a few weeks after a bossa nova remix of Metallica’s ,”Enter the Sandman,” became a viral hit, another group has decided to mix the two genres. Rather than do a bossa nova version of a popular rock song, the Brazilian based rock group,”Ovelha Negra,” did a rock version of a bossa nova song. Unsurprisingly, they decided to re-do, the most popular bossa nova song of all, “Girl from Ipanema. […]

901, 2013

Video: Nova Collective – Quick Bossa

Original bossa nova from Ireland is something we haven’t quite heard before. Straight from Dublin, Nova Collective are group that specializes in their own unique flavor of bossa nova. The group’s latest video, “Quick Bossa,” has a simple concept and features every member performing in an empty area void of any items except the instruments. […]

801, 2013

Remembering Charlie Byrd

Charlie Byrd’s key role in bringing bossa nova to the United States, multiple big name mentors and his finger-picking style made for a truly unique legacy

Throughout his life American guitarist Charlie Byrd would visit many places and learn from different mentors but it was his faithful tour of South America that would have the greatest impact on his career and the music of his homeland. As a member of the trio most responsible for bringing bossa nova to the United States, he will forever have a special place in the heart of Jazz and bossa nova fans around the world.


601, 2013

The Legend : Joao Gilberto

Set to be released on the 7th of January, The Legend is a two CD compilation of Joao Gilberto’s work over the initial periods of Bossa Nova . The first CD comprises of his debut album “Chega de Saudade” as well as the two subsequent albums “O amor, o sorriso e a flor” and “Joao Gilberto”. These albums represent the roots of the genre, with greats such as Jobim, Vinicius de Moraes ,Carlos Lyra and Dorival Caymmi included. […]

501, 2013

Song of the Week : Bananeira – Tanto Tempo

With lyrics by Gilberto Gil ,Bananeira or Banana Tree is a catchy, light hearted song that can get you to your feet. Not strictly Bossa Nova it carries a funk to it , altogether a great song. […]

501, 2013

Album of the Week: Tanto Tempo- Bebel Gilberto

Being born to parents that have enjoyed success in the music industry is often both a gift and a curse. Doors are opened for such privileged offspring but expectations are usually placed on the son or daughter.

Despite being the daughter of bossa nova legend Joao Gilberto and artist Miucha, Bebel Gilberto does not struggle from any form of identity crisis. Rather than rush her work, her major debut album, “Tanto Tempo” was released in 2000 at the age of 34 after years of working with various collaborators and on a number of projects. The result are clear to be seen as the album is every bit as mature as its artist. […]

401, 2013

The Original English Desafinado

Desafinado (or off key) has been done in several versions. For many North Americans the version by Stan Getz and Charlie Byrd was the first they had heard and certainly it was the first version to get any widespread commercial buzz in the states with a peak position of 15th in the Billboard pop charts. Though, as this version was an instrumental, it could not be the first English vocal version of the song. […]

301, 2013

Histories of Song: Tom Jobim

The Stories behind Tom Jobim’s songs are revealed in newly released book

Wagner Homem and Musician Luiz Roberto Oliveira have recently released a book entitled “Histórias de Canções: Tom Jobim,” (translated to Histories of the song: Tom Jobim). In it they provide interesting and little known facts about the background of several of the classic of the great composer.

One such example is the controversy surrounding the classic, “One Note Samba.” Upon it’s release journalist Paul Francis accused Jobim of plagiarizing Cole Porter’s, “Night and Day.” In response, Jobim released a statement indicating that though he may have been influenced by the song, there were key differences in the composition of the song and that his song was indeed an original piece of work. Evidently, he was never charged. […]

201, 2013

Listening to Bebel Gilberto makes you an intimate dater

Listeners of Bebel’s music are intimate daters according to Glamour Magazine

Bossa nova star Bebel Gilberto has a voice that appeals to our sensual side. Feelings of love and calmness are often evoked when listening to her music. Apparently, listening to her music also indicates what kind of ‘dater’ you are.

This insight comes from the women’s magazine, “Glamour” in their article, “What Your Taste In Music Says About You On A Date.” According to the American based publication, Bebel Gilberto listeners are likely to, “flutter little kisses all over every inch of your date’s body,” as soon as they get the chance and are also likely to be a “foodie.” So if you end up dating someone who tells you that he/she is an avid Bebel Gilberto listener you know what to expect 😉 . […]