2811, 2012

Video: Elis Regina songs performed on Idolos

Reality television show and contest focuses on the music of Elis Regina
Idolos is a Brazilian reality television program which is a part of the Idol franchise, that has been greatly popularized in North America and the united Kingdom. Though regional differences exist the format is more or less the same.This week contestants had the challenge of having to perform songs from the repitoire of one of brazili’s most influential female singers. Elis Regina was chosen as the artist whose music they all had to perform. […]

2711, 2012

History of Songs

“Histórias de Canções – Chico Buarque” and  “Histórias de canções – Tom Jobim” are books that give a detailed history of each of the  songs done by Chico Buarque and Antonio Carlos Jobim. Written by  Luiz Roberto Oliveira and Wagner Man, they  will be release together in a box set from LeYa publishing. […]

2311, 2012

Roberto Menescal Releases Essa tal de Bossa Nova

A veteran of Brazilian music, Roberto Menescal, has recently released his book, “Essa tal de Bossa Nova” which roughly translates to “That such Bossa Nova” in English.

The book chronicles key moments in the cultural movements of Brazilian music and is said to provide insight into unknown aspects of the bossa nova movement of the early 20th century. […]

2311, 2012

Son of Vinicius de Moraes presents portraits of Father and friends

The son of Brazilian lyricist and cultural icon, Vinicius de Moraes recently hosted an exhibition entitled “The friends of my father.”  From an early stage in his life Pedro de Moraes had a love affair with photography and took several photos of his father while he was still alive. “The friends of my father” is a showcase of all these photographs and reveals an intimate side of the poet, never seen before. […]

2111, 2012

Audio: Terra Treasures by Levek

“Levek” is a band based in florida. Experimantal and adventurous it is hard to pin down their sound to one genre or category but a unique breed of sof-rock seems to be the closes fit.
Their third and latest album, “Look a Little Closer” was released in September of this year and  has been descibed on the band’s page as, ” a pastiche of genres that live harmoniously in unison on record and in the mind of the man behind Levek.” […]

1911, 2012

Paulo Ricardo and Toquinho pay homage to Vinicius

Paulo and Toquinho will perform a repertoire of the great Vinicius de Moraes in Brasilia. The show will take place at the Unique Palace on November 21st 2012 beginning at 9 pm. You can buy your tickets here. […]

1811, 2012

Album of the Week – Bossa Carioca – Lisa Ono

In Japan, and other parts of Asia, bossa nova is a well-received cultural import. Since the 60’s a number of artists and bands have emerged with unique and at times innovative approaches to the genre. That Lisa Ono is recognized as Japan’s premier ambassador of the music is a testament to her success. “Bossa Carioca” is a celebration of this.

Released more than a decade into her career, the album serves as a compilation of her work to that point. As one of the most prominent Japanese interpreters of the music, there’s no surprise to see familiar titles such as “Chega de Saudade” and “Corcovoda,” on the track listing. Her smooth, clean vocals do songs like these justice and are a good fit with the modern bossa arrangement which is decidedly lightweight. […]

1811, 2012

Song of the Week: Os Dois – Lisa Ono

A by product of the Ana Terra – Lisa Ono colloboration of the 90’s, “Os Dois” is a short and easy track which is greatly accentuated by Paulo Guimarães’ flute solo. […]

1611, 2012

“Music as Tom Jobim” in Madrid

Being a part of the Brazilian Film Festival the documentary “Music as Tom Jobim” a film about the life of the great composer Antonio Carlos Jobim will be shown.The festival has already opened in Madrid and will run till November 22nd. […]

1611, 2012

Jorge Ben Jor to perform in Salvador

Brazilian musician  Jorge Ben Jor will perform in Salvador on November 23rd, at Bahia Café Hall on Parallel Avenue at 10 pm . Tickets are valued between $50 for middle seats and $80 for box seats. For more information call (71) 3332-0614. […]