2010, 2012

Song of the Week: Sampa – João

“Sampa” a nick name for the city of São Paulo was a song originally written by Caetano Veloso in 1978. Joao Gilberto takes the relatively upbeat song and covers it in the bossa nova style , slowing the tempo and providing an arrangement of beautiful chords for the lyrics to flow over. […]

1910, 2012

Tribute to Elis Regina

The Marcos Moraes Trio along with Lu Garcia will present a tribute to the late Elis Regina, one of the great stars of Brazilian Music on Sunday (21st) at 4:30. […]

1910, 2012

Happy Birthday Vinicius

Today would have marked the 99th birthday of one of Brazil’s greatest cultural icons Vinicius de Moraes . An outstanding poet, playwright and social activist, we continue to celebrate him and his work long after he has passed. […]

1710, 2012

Artist Spotlight: Três Valetes e uma Dama

Três Valetes e uma Dama is a group based in bossa nova’s motherland of Rio De Janeiro. The quartet consists of Mariana Mello (Drums and Vocals), Pedro Rodriguez (Percussion and Vocals), Diego Moreira (Guitar and Vocals) and Thiago Gama (Cavaco and Mandolin). […]

1510, 2012

Tony Bennett: “Joao Gilberto is my favourite singer”

In a recent interview with “Veja”  veteran American singer, Tony Bennett declared that, of all the singers he had worked with and heard in his long career, the bossa nova great was his favorite.

“He is my favorite singer in the whole world. have already invited him to record a song with me many times but he is a very busy person … Now it seems that it will work (out) though. We agreed to meet in Rio this November.” […]

1410, 2012

Trio da Paz in Miami

Brazilian jazz group Trio da Paz will be performing on Tuesday (16th)  at Festival Miami at 8pm. Consisting of Romero Lubambo on guitar, Nilson Matta on bass and Duduka da Fonseca on drums the group blends jazz with traditional Brazilian sounds to produce great instrumentals.The show will consist of original pieces as well as the works of Tom Jobim , Luiz Bonfa among others. […]

1310, 2012

Song of the Week: Soul Bossa Nova – Big Band Bossa Nova

Famous for being the themes of many movies such as the 1969 Woody Allen film “Take the Money and Run” and even more so the Austin Powers series, Soul Bossa Nova has garnered itself a great history and large fan base. […]

1310, 2012

Album of the Week: Big Band Bossa Nova – Quincy Jones

The 60’s was a golden decade for bossa nova and Quincy Jones. For both, it brought an increased mainstream prominence amongst North American audiences (and by extension global audiences). Released in 1964, “Big Band Bossa Nova” brought both together for the first time.

Of course this was not an entirely unique endeavor  Several American acts had already experimented with this new sensation. However, what separates this album from the others is the musical direction taken. As the name suggests this is a big band ensemble performing bossa nova compositions. […]

1210, 2012

Joyce Moreno in Prague

Brazilian singer Joyce Moreno will be performing in Prague this coming Sunday (oct. 14th) at the Estates Theatre. Joyce  has worked with many great artistes during her career . Tom Jobim once said of her […]

1110, 2012

Exclusive Interview: Tangerines & Elephants

Tangerines and Elephants are a band based in Curitiba, Brazil that specialize in a unique brand of alternative rock. Earlier this year we featured their track, “Bunch of Grapes” which blended an English rock sound with bossa nova elements. The song was popular with readers and when we heard they were going to be performing the song live in Brazil (along with others) we felt it an ideal opportunity to sit down with them and ask about the band and its ties with bossa nova. […]