409, 2012

Bossa Nova Napa

The Napa Valley Opera House will play host to the annual non-profit gala “Bossa Nova Napa” on September 29th at 5:00pm. 130 guests will be treated to an array of Brazilian culture including dance and music. Music will be provided by DJ Boca Negra with a performance by Bebel Gilberto in the Margrit Biever Mondavi Theatre. Tickets are limited for this event. Please call Jan Weinecke at the Napa Valley Opera House: 707-603-2333 or email jan@nvoh.org to inquire. Or purchase your seat(s) online at www.nvoh.org/gala. […]

409, 2012

Cecilia Monte talks about bossa nova and more

Argentine bossa nova singer Cecilia Monte recently sat down with “Madly Juicy Magazine” and expressed her views on bossa nova and reflected on the experience of recording her latest album “Open Air.” She also talks about her preference to record her music with lyrics in English, Portuguese and Spanish. She goes on further to discusses how she is bridging the gap between the different languages through the universal medium of music and allowing a culturally diverse audience to all connect to her music. […]

209, 2012

Bossa Nova and Niño Silvestre

Chilean artist Niño Silvestre has released his first album “Canciones Para Ver en la Oscuridad”(Songs to see in the Dark) which takes him through various musical styles, from Bossa Nova to electro-folk. You can listen to and buy the album here. […]

209, 2012

Bossa Nova featured on “Arbitrage” soundtrack

“Arbitrage” is a 2012 drama centered around the themes of love, loyalty and high finance. […]

209, 2012

Israeli Udi Horev and his relationship with Bossa Nova and music

Bossa nova is a genre that has been exported all over the world and is appreciated by an audience consisting of people from a broad range of cultures and experiences. However, there are some common feelings that almost every listeners seems to derive from the music. A free spirited escape and a calm relaxed experience are 2 of the most common feelings people cite from listening to bossa nova. […]

109, 2012

Album of the Week: Bebel Gilberto (2004) – Bebel Gilberto

Bebel Gilberto may be the daughter of bossa nova legend and inventor, Joao Gilberto, but in 2004 on the eve of the release of her eponymous album, all pressure and expectations were self-inflicted. Her much celebrated debut album “Tanto Tempo” was still fresh in the memory of music lovers and the 4 year wait for the follow-up made this release, one that was highly anticipated. […]

109, 2012

Song of the Week : Aganjú – Bebel Gilberto

The title gives reference to Aganjú, the spirit of volcanoes, rivers and the symbol of growth in Yoruba. With  lyrics by Carlinhos Brown , it seems to give a reflection of how the spirit has aided him throughout his life. […]

3108, 2012

Lord Hummingbird – Teenage Bossa Nova Girl – Calypso and Bossa Nova

Today, Trinidadians everywhere will be celebrating 50 years of Independence from British rule and we here at Bnovamusic, felt it would befitting to present something to commemorate this. The song featured today is Lady Hummingbird’s “teenage bossa nova girl.” This rare 60’s record combines calypso, a form of music derived from Trinidad, with bossa nova. The track manages to blends the two distinct music forms seamlessly. Featuring a riveting riff and lively vocals, over a standard bossa nova drum pattern and guitar section, the song is a true treasure. Happy birthday Trinidad and Tobago. […]

3108, 2012

Bebel Gilberto to perform at UCLA

Bossa nova star Bebel Gilberto, will be performing live at the Royce Hall on the campus of the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) on Friday September 28th. The show is entitled “Bebel Gilberto plus special guests Forro in the Dark.” As the name suggests, she will also be sharing the stage with new york based quartet  “Forro in the Dark.” The show starts at 8:00 pm and tickets for students go on sale from Monday September 24th. […]

3008, 2012

Bebl Gilberto sings for needy children

Yesterday, bossa nova singer Bebel Gilberto was at the school Zuleica Pereira Leite in Sao Paulo. She, with the help of the “Save the children” organization, tried to provide a special treat for the children at the school. The international star is used to singing in front of huge crowds of adults but yesterday she entertained a smaller and younger crowd and even gave the needy children an opportunity to teach her new songs. […]