2308, 2012

Rolling the Deep (Bossa Nova remix) – Mint Parker

A remix of the popular song by British singer Adele, performed by Mint Parker. […]

2308, 2012

Court rejects request for Joao Gilberto to prevent distribution of biography

The 9th Circuit court rejected the request of bossa nova singer, songwriter and composer, Joao Gilberto, to curtail the distribution of the biography written about him “Joao Gilberto.” According to the prosecution the books presents offensive content that will service to tarnish his image and includes unauthorized personal pictures. […]

2208, 2012

Maimouna Youssef goes to Brazil

With a Bossa Nova flavor, ‘Meet me in Brazil’ a single off her album The Blooming ,Youssef expertly blends elements of RnB and spoken word to produce a great track. […]

2108, 2012

Happy Birthday Kelis and her bossa nova experimenting

Today is the birthday (33) of  American singer and songwriter, Kelis. Throughout her career she has garnered a reputation for mixing and fusing music from various genres and styles. […]

2108, 2012

Tribute to Jobim in Montréal

This Friday (24) will see members Micaël Lüssi and Guillaume Larouche of theCanadian group Viva Nova perform a tribute to the great Tom Jobim as well as the timeless classic Getz/Gilberto in the French speaking city. […]

2108, 2012

Step Music Festival of Art to showcase Bossa Nova

From Friday(24) to Sunday (26) one can go to the Theatre Stage College and enjoy performances by instrumentalists such as  Mauro Senise and Arnaud Rudy. Over the weekend various musicians will explore the scope of Brazilian music including the works of Joao Donato , Johnny Alf , Tom Jobim and Chico Buarque. […]

2108, 2012

Video: Beyond Ipanema (2009)

As the world celebrates the 50th anniversary of, “The Girl from Ipanema,” we hear at bnovamusic would like to highlight the film, “Beyond Ipanema.” […]

2108, 2012

Frémeaux & associés provides french release for “Joao Gilberto – Chega se Saudade – O Amor, O Sorriso, E a Flor”

French record label Frémeaux & associés has recently released Joao Gilbero – Chega se Saudade – O Amor, O Sorriso, E a Flor a unique set of music featuring Joao Gilberto’s first  3 full length studio albums “Joao Gilberto,” “Chega de Saudade,” and “O Amor, O Sorriso, E a Flor.” The 35 track album includes bossa nova classics such as  “Ho-Ba-la-la,” “Chega de Saudade,” and “Bim Bom.” […]

2008, 2012

Paulo Costa performs at Paulitsa

Paulo Costa, known as the “ambassador of Bossa nova” in France continues his tour of Brazil and performed in Paulista on Saturday.

He has performed in a number of events across the world and has gradually amassed a reputation for strong performances. […]

2008, 2012

Diana Krall performs at Thunder Valley Casino Resort

47 year old bossa nova singer Diana Krall continued the American leg of her world tour, performing at the Thunder Valley Casino Resort. She sang a number of bossa nova songs including but not limited to  a group of songs heard on her 2009 release “Quiet Nights.” […]