3107, 2012

Roberta Sa performs at the Winter Festival of Bonito

Roberta Sa performed in Bonito on Saturday in the city’s Winter Festival. The fans enjoyed her performance and according to her post-performance tweets she enjoyed the beauty of the city. […]

3107, 2012

Bebel Gilberto to perform in Bulgaria

“An Evening with Bebel Gilberto ” will be held on August 11th  at the Summer Theater of Varna and 12th in Lozenets. […]

3107, 2012

Trails and Ways enfuse Bossa Nova and indie rock

Oakland based band Trails and Ways do not have your typical background story. Inspired by songwriter KBB’s acquired love for  Brazilian music while spending time in the country, a quartet was created that mixes indie rock with bossa nova and samba. […]

3107, 2012

Chico Buarque to release massive collection

Chico Buarque, the acclaimed Brazilian singer,writer and playwright is expected to release a box set which will include his first 22 records as well as the previously unreleased “Jorge Maravilha”. Along with this set he is to release an album which will be made up of 28 songs performed during his concerts. Both the live album and the box set will be released August 7th. […]

3007, 2012

James Taylor influenced by “Girl from ipanema”

American Musical icon, five time Grammy award winner and rock and roll hall of fame inductee James Taylor recently sat down to talk with USA today and when questioned about his musical influences he made sure to make reference to bossa nova classic The “Girl From Ipanema” […]

3007, 2012

Bossa Nova and Brazilian Duets

Tom moon is an award winning journalist and author of the book, “1000 Recordings to hear before you die.” He provides an interesting analysis of bossa nova paying special attention to the famous duets such as that of Antonio Carlos Jobim and Elis Regina. Definitely a good read
“The creative flowering that happened in Brazil beginning in the late 1950s through the 1970s remains an underappreciated marvel in the history of popular music.” […]

3007, 2012

Lisa Ono performs at the River Jazz Festival 2012

International bossa nova artist Lisa Ono performed alongside the Glen Miller Orchestra, jazz band in the “River Jazz Festival 2012” in Thailand. […]

2907, 2012

“Eden” Re-release features Bossa blast from the past

Everything but the Girl or EBTG for short was around for a while, calling it quits as far back as the year 2000 to their 18 year music career. Known mainly for work in genres such as Alternative Rock and house, in 1984 they decided to switch it up a bit for one of their tracks on their debut album “Eden” called “Each and Everyone”. […]

2807, 2012

Song of the Week : Amparo – Antonio Carlos Jobim

Originally written for the film “The Adventures” a movie based on a novel by Harold Robbins, Amparo which is also known by the name Olha Maria is one of Antonio Carlos Jobim’s true materpieces.  […]

2807, 2012

Album of the Week: Stone Flower (1970) – Antonio Carlos Jobim

Arguably one of the most overlooked albums of its time “Stone flower,” Antonio Carlos Jobim’s 5th full- length studio album, is nothing less than a masterpiece in the genre of bossa nova. […]