1301, 2015

CD Launch for Bossa Nova Baby

Having named her first original album after her nickname, the Bossa Nova community has been kept in high anticipation for the official launch of ‘Bossa Nova Baby’ by Juliana Areias. It is of no surprise when Bossa Nova lovers express their anxiety for the music of the Perth, Australia based artist. Juliana is extremely talented and experienced. Her music is well appreciated for being described as truly authentic, passionate and very relaxing. On February 7th, the Ellington Jazz Club will host what is expected to be a memorable night, combining the CD launch with pleasant performances from Juliana, along with the jazz musicians that aided in the production of the album, and the birthday celebration for the bossa nova baby that we as bossa nova fans all love and enjoy. […]

601, 2015

Rio 2016 may feature Bossa Nova Mascots

Rio 2016 could feature mascots based on bossa nova legends
Recently Brazil hosted arguably the most exciting World Cup, which, produced many records and surprises. The culture of the country  had a huge impact of the successful showcasing of the tournament;Brazilians have a passion for football and cultural elements, such as the music and the people, helped to make the atmosphere more inviting and enjoyable. […]

812, 2014

Statue Erected in Memory of Antonio Carlos Jobim

Statue erected in memory of the Antonio Carlos Jobim

1511, 2014

Interview with Rozina Pátkai

When thinking bossa nova , the central european nation of Hungary rarely comes to mind . However the country more famous for its mathematicians and Goulash has brought us Rozina Pátkai. A classically trained jazz singer hailing from the capital city of Budapest , who has found her home in the genre of bossa nova. She has performed and won awards around Europe including her native Hungary as well as the United States. Before her latest European tour which takes her to France , Belgium and Spain she agreed to answer a few questions for us. […]

211, 2014

City pays Tribute to Brazilian Legend

Bahia remembers 100 years of Dorival Caymmi

3110, 2014

Samba Serena by Jesse Lepkoff

Samba Serena expresses a solemn message and feeling in a manner that seems uniquely appropriate.
Whistling is one of the oldest forms of sound production. It’s dynamism is boundless and can convey a vast range of emotions and feelings. Never-the-less in recent times it has come to be associated with a joyful or whimsical spirit. When one thinks of a serenade in honor of someone, the use of a whistle is not one of the first instruments that comes to mind. However, multi-instrumentalist Jesse Lepkoff manages to make a solemn tribute incorporating this element


2910, 2014

Nelson Motta Turns 70

Nelson Motta: the influential songwriter and record producers turns 70 today.
Born on October 29, 1944 in Sao Paulo, Nelso Motta played a central role in popular Brazilian music in the 20th century. He worked with several prominent artists from the world of bossa nova and MPB such as Edu Lobo, Dori Caymmi and Gal Costa.


2410, 2014

Till it Rains by Robert Sorita

Bossa Nova and the word “cool” are almost synonymous. In this respect, the song, aptly titled “Till It Rains” captures this key component of bossa nova both in execution and spirit. […]

1609, 2014

BossaCucaNova releases catalog

Together for over 15 years, BossaCucaNova is a group that combines the Brazilian sounds of bossa nova and expertly combines them with electronica. The group was co-founded by Márcio Menesca the son of bossa pioneer Roberto Menescal,along with DJ Marcelinho DaLua and record producer/sound engineer Alex Moreira. Over over the years has consisted of a number of class musicians with the current selection together for a decade now. They’re work has consisted of 7 albums including a Latin Grammy nomination for Best Brazilian Contemporary Pop Album in 2002. […]

2007, 2014

Interview with Dave Holmes

The man trying to spread Brazilian music across Europe. We sat down to have an interview with Dave Holmes.