1307, 2014

The Drums of Bossa Nova

There are many unique characteristics that define this beautiful genre and in this article first published in “Easy Does It” we highlight the drums of bossa nova.

707, 2014

Album of the week: Let Your Love Rise – Fabiana Passoni

Fabiana Passoni displays her  known strengths and reveals some new ones on her latest release, “Let Your Love Rise.”

2306, 2014

Such a good night for bossa

Not much information is available about the The Charlie Steinmann Orchestra.  What we do know is that group did in fact release one song of particularly notoriety entitled, “It is such a good night.” […]

2905, 2014

Nicola Conte releases Free Souls

Italian producer Nicola Conte has released his latest album entitled “Free Souls”. The album represents and exploration for the producer as he turns his talents to the genres of Soul and Afro-Soul coupling with his Jazz and Brazilian influences . Released by Schema Records the two entities come together for the 13 track release. […]

2805, 2014

Bebel Gilberto signs with Sony Music Masterworks

Bebel Gilberto latest addition to Sony Music Masterworks
“She has successfully blended organic rhythms and electronic elements, defining an international style that reverberates to this day. We’re delighted to welcome her creativity and personality into the Masterworks/Portrait family.” These are the words from Chuck Mitchell, Senior Vice President at Sony Masterworks, USA, after signing Brazilian music icon and innovator, Bebel Gilberto to their imprint Portrait Records. […]

105, 2014

Interview with Emy Tseng

Taiwanese born  jazz singer Emy Tseng has serenaded the ears of  many with the sounds of Brazil in her time . An academic, she has attended not only Brown University but also MIT studying Math and Physics. Though classically trained, upon moving to New York she began focusing on Jazz and found a love for Brazilian Jazz within that . With a show coming up at The Metropolitan Room in New York this Saturday we were  happy that she was able to find the time to answer some of our questions. […]

2403, 2014

Samba Soul of Lilian Vieira

Lilian Vieira is a Brazilian-Dutch singer who carries the power of Samba-Soul with her. Born in Brazil , a former nursing student found her calling in singing. Growing up in a musical household where there would musical get-togethers on the weekends  Lilian found a particular liking to the genre Samba-Soul.


2003, 2014

Stars join for Dorival Caymmi Album

Three of the most iconic and influential musicians in Brazilian music have come together to help in celebrating the a century since the birth of the late great Dorival Caymmi (1914 -2008). […]

2802, 2014

Anogla’s Aline Frazão

Hailing from Angola, Aline Frazão, is one of the major voices for Bossa Nova in Africa

2102, 2014

Maria Rita: Stepping out of her Mothers shadow

Having a famous parent can be a gift and curse for any upcoming artist. Fortunately Maria Rita is a gifted singer herself
Elis Regina was a renowned Brazilian singer considered by many critics, musicians and commentators to have been the best Brazilian singer of all time. Her resume shows an extensive list of several successful compositions and her 1974 collaboration with Antonio Carlos Jobim “Ellis and Tom” is often cited as one of the greatest Bossa Nova albums of all time. […]