Fabiana Passoni’s latest EP “Dim The Lights” features hits from the 70s.


Fabiana Passoni, is a Brazilian singer, who currently reside in Los Angeles, United States. She has received acclaim for her music throughout her career; most recently being nominated for two International Brazilian Press Awards in the categories of best CD and best female singer. Her style is one that appeals to both north and south American audience and she brings both influences together in her latest work.

Fabiana Passoni+Dim the lights

Fabiana Passoni – Dim the Lights

Her EP, “Dim the lights” includes 7 hits from the 70’s and 80’s , such as Lou Rawl’s, “You’ll never find a love like mine,” all of which are interpreted in a style that combines elements of bossa nova and samba with her own unique flair. This is her first major release since her album, “Naturalmente Brasil” came out in 2011.