Royals Bossa Nova remix works well because the original was naturally compatible with the distinct percussion of bossa nova

Lorde Royals Bossa Nova remix


“Royals” is a smash single from teenage Australian sensation Lorde. It has already topped the charts in several countries this year and has propelled the starlet into stardom. The lyrics portray a rejection of the lifestyle and values that are associated with super stardom. To match this she utilizes a minimalistic musical backdrop, free of  over-processed sounds and synthesizers. With little else but a looped drum sample and  a bass, her voice and accompanying choir provide the meat of the melody.

It is this minimalistic sound that has made the song so endearing to many and is also the main reason that this song was so comfortably remade into a bossa nova style. The spacious arrangements and sparse sound was reminiscent of bossa nova songs crafted before Lorde was born and was an appropriate platform for the insertion of distinct bossa nova drum sounds and patterns. The two styles come together cohesively. Though it still sounds more like an indie pop song than a bossa nova one, the final product is a good one.

DJ Rich e Fresh specializes in mixing bossa nova and samba with other genres and his experience was used to good effect in the mix. Graham porter of Your Music Radar had this to say about the mix:

As odd as this looks on paper it is far from it in the ear.  Lorde’s track ‘Royals’ is getting more reworks and bootlegs at the moment than you can shake a stick at.  This might be the last mix of this track we post but it’s one of the finest.

DJ Rich e Fresh offers a download available here.

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