Samba Serena expresses a solemn message and feeling in a manner that seems uniquely appropriate.

Whistling is one of the oldest forms of sound production. It’s dynamism is boundless and can convey a vast range of emotions and feelings. Never-the-less in recent times it has come to be associated with a joyful or whimsical spirit. When one thinks of a serenade in honor of someone, the use of a whistle is not one of the first instruments that comes to mind. However, multi-instrumentalist Jesse Lepkoff manages to make a solemn tribute incorporating this element


Jesse Lepkoff – Samba serena

The song starts off with  strums from his acoustic guitar. It’s a typical start to a song with a theme such as  this one. Somber and calm it gets you in the mood and then around the 24th second the whistling begins. This becomes the focal point but both melodically and conceptually it almost melts in with the other elements of the song. There’s a personal nature to the use of whistling. The sound is being generating from the mouth, however unlike talking, no literal expression can be conveyed which gives this song a poetic nature so fitting for a tribute.

There’s something so reflective about his whistling, and his decision to go light on percussion helps us to stay mentally on track. He takes a step back and puts the music  and his friend in the forefront as should be the case for any tribute. Fortunately, this is something he manages well because of his talent and not in spite of it.

The song is available below via his soundcloud profile:


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