Statue erected in memory of the Antonio Carlos Jobim


Statue of Antonio Carlos Jobim


On the 20th anniversary of his death, bossa nova founding father Antonio Carlos Jobim’s legacy is still very much alive. Now, his memory will not only be in the hearts of Rio’s residents but will reside among them in the form of a newly erected statue.


Staute: Antonio Carlos Jobim (another  angle)

Commissioned by Rio’s City Hall, the bronze and clay statue now stands by the same beach that Jobim made world-famous with his extremely influential and seminal song “The Girl from Ipanema.” Christina Motta, the sculptor behind the tribute had this to say about her work:

 “I chose to represent a young and handsome Tom Jobim showing him at the peak of his success in the 1960s”

The sculpture weighs 440 pounds and depicts the master-composer with a guitar over his shoulder.

 “The photo which acted as an inspiration is significant in that it was from the time when he and Vinicius de Moraes had just finished a symphony in Brasilia.”

Family and friends were in attendance as the statue was unveiled. Fittingly, there were renditions of some of Jobim’s most popular songs being done by local talent during the ceremony. His widow, Ana Jobim spoke for the people of Rio and all of Brazil when she said:

 [It’s] a special and sad day. “It’s always emotional and I believe his memory is something that will never be extinguished in the hearts of people, of Brazilians, of Cariocas

Journalist and the author of the 1997 Biography “Antonio Carlos Jobim – A Biography” (1997)  spoke about Jobim’s love for Rio.  He mentioned that Jobim did spend time in other countries but was sure to conclude:

 “The place he really liked was Ipanema.”

This is not the first (and likely not the last) time Jobim has been recognized by his native home of Brazil.  Books, documentaries, paintings and of course, music have all been dedicated to him. Famously, the main, international Airport in Rio de Janeiro was named after him.


People Surrounding the Statue of Tom Jobim

Below is a video of the events surrounding the unveiling of the statue (in portuguese)








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