Helo Pinheiro, known around the world as the “Girl from Ipanema”, has decided to write a book about her life and the effects of having one of the most popular songs in recorded music history being written about her. The name of the book is the “Eternal Girl from Ipanema,” and it has been revealed by Pinheiro that the book came as a response to the great demand people have expressed to hear her story.

Helo Pinheiro writes, "The Eternal girl from Ipanema"

Helo Pinheiro writes, “The Eternal girl from Ipanema”

In an interview with Igente she reveled her relationship with Antonio Carlos Jobim after the release of the song:

“The biggest curiosity is whether it was true that I was passing by and he saw me, or if I had an affair with him. I’ve been asked: ‘Have you taken him?’. See if you can!” I gave (him) a lot of  appreciation and attention. Nothing more than that. And a ‘thank you’.

She also went on to reveal how she found the song was dedicated to her and Jobim’s subsequent marriage proposal:

“He (Jobim) arrived at the bank of the beach, I knew the song (and he) confirmed that he was inspired (by) me and composed it because (he) was in love with me and wanted to marry me. I thought he was joking.

She declined the proposal as Jobim was married at the time and she believed in traditional family ethics. Though accepting her rejection, Jobim did not let their first meeting go to waste and when she said goodbye, he turned and gave her a kiss.

Unsurprisingly the release of the song opened a lot of opportunities for her:

“What else was (there to do but) tell (the) story to the whole world. I’m giving interviews to various countries. Colombia, England, Japan. Requests that come to my office are from different parts of the world.

Though she will always be the original “Girl from Ipanema”  Pinheiro  has also named her possible replacement in the form of Brazilian Actress  Isis Valverde.

“I like the way she moves in her hair, walking, skin tone”

Isis Valverde - the new girl from Ipanema?

Isis Valverde – the new girl from Ipanema?