Marco Esch delivers the gospel through bossa nova in his latest album, “Bossa E Paz

Bossa nova’s smooth and calming effect is one that could go well with a spiritual or religious message and that is exactly what Musician, Marco Esch is utilizing in his latest project “Bossa E Paz.”


Marco Esch

Despite, enduring hardships, both financial and emotional, Esch has maintained a positive outlook on life and he certainly feels that a belief in God is central to this. With his latest album he hopes to spread “the word” in a format rarely attempted; bossa nova.

Bossa E Paz

Bossa E Paz

Themes such as  joy and living in harmony are not new to bossa nova but Esch delivers a reflective and upbeat tone that can be appreciated by anyone regardless of their creed. The album was released as a celebration of God but also bossa nova and aside from the message, all the elements one would expect from a bossa nova record are present. Below we have a video from Marco Esch’s Youtube channel. Have a wonderful Ash Wednesday.