Till it Rains by Robert Sorita

Bossa Nova and the word “cool” are almost synonymous. In this respect, the song, aptly titled “Till It Rains” captures this key component of bossa nova both in execution and spirit.

Robert Sorita

Robert Sorita

Robert Sorita sets the stage by performing on acoustic and bass guitar, drums and co-writing the song. Musically, when it rains it pours with delectable guitar licks courtesy of Danny Weis on Electric guitar. This adds character to a song that is decidedly calm. However, there are more layers to the song than its laid-back feel would at first suggest.

Alongside Sorita, “Till it Rains” was also co-written by Mel Tanner who also contributes as lead vocalist. The tenderness in her voice is one that aligns itself well with the theme of the song. The singer plays the role of someone questioning as to why she has not achieved her full potential – “Why waste this life I’m living.” In this context the chilly feel comes off as a device to express mild melancholy and a certain self-reflection.

There’s more to it though. Having accepted her past mistakes, the song also acts as a promise to herself that she will not allow this to continue. However, even as she sings “this time I’m really gonna change” her voice maintains the same somewhat icy control and gentleness that points to an underlying self-doubt. She is trying to convince herself she can do this.

Ironically, it is this vulnerability and uncertainty that makes her deliver all the more convincing. This mix of determination and self-doubt is common to the human experience yet one not too often communicated through song – a bossa nova song no less.

In one way the feel of “Till it Rains” is one that will seem so familiar to listeners of bossa nova – a testament to the crafters understanding of the genre. It’s unique though, in how it covers a complicated emotional situation without ever leaving the realm of “coolness”.

Listen to the song below through the official soundcloud page for Sorita music

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