Tom Jobim remebered in exhibition centered around two theme imporant to his life: music and nature

Tom Jobim – Music and Nature is an exhibition which is meant to portray the most remarkable periods of Jobim’s life through photos, projections, manuscripts and scores. Also through his personal items such as his distinctive hat and a box of whistles . It is set to open next Tuesday, the 30th, at the Instituto Antonio Carlos Jobim.


Antonio Carlos Jobim

The exhibition will offer the public the chance to know more deeply the personal history and work of the conductor, and reflect on their musical creation,” said Elianne Jobim, curator beside her husband and Tom’s son Paulo Jobim.

Paulo added, “We want the exhibition allow youth who do not know Tom Jobim can enter the world of a particular artist they instigate reflection, not only on his music, but also about the preservation of nature and the search for a life with greater harmony .”