Interview with Toquinho on Vinicius

The friendship between Vinicius de Moraes and Toquinho is the kind of fiction. Despite an age difference greater than 30 years, the two musicians enjoyed a friendship that paralleled a remarkable collaborative musical career that produced great albums and songs. Toquniho was with as he took his last breath and still keeps the legacy that their friendship provided in music. Below is a translated excerpt from an interview Toquinho did recently with Spanish newspaper “El Tiempo.” In it he discuss his close friend and how he continues to still play an important role in his life.

Toquinho and Vinicius

Toquinho and Vinicius

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To Toquinho, who is Vinicius de Moraes?

Someone that is always present in all my presentations and accompany me throughout life. I love to sing our songs, to feel close to him. I feel that revives our musical coexistence. His presence rescues companions and friends. Every presentation I do is in his honor, regardless of any commemoration. He always has, still is and will continue to live in what I do.

How do you define him?

As a poet and an exceptional human being who carried his child-like creativity into adulthood and the young man who was willing to live life, and take risks

What was the greatest contribution to Brazilian music?

His greatest merit was to have brought poetry to music, which greatly valorized song with verses. The poetic quality is undeniable and unbeatable. Vinicius became an icon of the bossa nova and one of the main causes of its spread in the world. His poetry was instrumental in the success of the emblematic songs of the movement and, personally, my melodies were enriched when I had to Vinicius as a musical partner.

What was the best composition the two of you made?

We produced many successes together and it’s hard to say which was the best. I can only say that our music retains the simplicity and does sounds good to the ears, we sing with love and that attracts people and stays forever.

How and when did your friendship start?

When he invited me to accompany him to a season of performances at La Fusa, a café-concert in Buenos Aires in 1970, along with Mary Creuza and Maria Bethania. We arrived two days before the end of the World Cup, which Brazil won, and presentations were a success. Were recorded on a disk that is sold today in all of South America. That began our musical coexistence, which lasted until almost died in my arms.

Were there any difficulties in this friendship and collaboration  due to the age difference between you and him (over 30 years)

Not at all. It was perfect in music and personality. We enjoyed the same things.From playing guitar, composing, eating well to going out on a night with friends and pretty women. I also learned a lot from Vinicius: to be professional, to meet schedules, to honor commitments and respect to always people.

Have you composed a song for Vinicius

Yes, Samba pra Vinicius, with lyrics by Chico Buarque.

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