In cooperation with the non-profit organization “Save the ChildrenBebel Gilberto has taken time out of her busy schedule to volunteer and provide a treat for various needy children in poor areas of Brazil. The video below showcases her efforts. Directed by world-famous photographer Fabrizio Ferri and featuring  Gilberto’s very own song, “August Day Song,” in the background, the video is both artistically and emotionally gratifying.

bossa-nova-artist-Bebel-Gilberto-save the Children

Bebel Gilberto working with “save the Children”

In 2009 Italian jewellery retailer, Bvglari and the Save the children organization formed a global partnership that has generated money from the sale of specific items and directed the profits to the eduction of children around the world who have been victims of war and conflict. To this date more than 15 million has been raised.